The Warao Indians

The Warao Indians are an indigenous people in South America, living in Venezuela, in the Orinoco River delta and the bordering regions. With a population of now approx. 30,000, they are Venezuela´s second largest native Indian ethnic group.

The Warao Indians live in small family units scattered over about 250 settlements. Owing to the marshy subsoil, their small villages mostly consist of half-open wooden pile-dwellings.

The traditional basis of the Warao economy is:

  • Fishing with rods and harpoons in the numerous waterways of the Delta

  • Hunting with long blow-pipes on the countless small islands

  • Food gathering as well as slash-and-burn cultivation on small tracts, primarily Manioc 

Source: Wikipedia


More pictures of Warao Indians by the linguist  Stefanie Herrmann

Warao music, examples:

Source: Stefanie Herrmann

... optinally double-cklick


... optinally double-cklick