Heinfried Gessinger
Master Joiner


The Artist

Being a joiner by profession, my talent for drawing has always been of great help. In this creative job, drawing and sketching are cornerstones for the design of a piece of furniture, or for the planning and the master design of a room.

With paper and pencil, I´m able to represent so clearly and convincingly the images I see in my mind´s eye, that the client can see my idea and the whole newly designed living room in a picture.

Consequently, it was only a small step toward my great passion, watercolor painting. The principle is the same: combining technical and artistic design, I commit to paper or canvas for the beholder the images that have formed in my mind. 

I´m an enthusiast of painting landscapes, pictures with architectural matters – in other words, motifs that relate to what I do by profession.

I´m often faced with the request to paint buildings – dwellings, wine cellars, etc. Objects with which clients have a personal emotional association.

Liechtenstein Castle, 
Czech Republic

Weinviertel-style farmhouse, 
Museumsdorf Niedersulz
 (a rural open-air museum, 
the exhibit being 
a whole village)

Lower Austria

“Karlbad” at the route Nockalmstraße



in Rabensburg

Lower Austria

Wine cellar alley

 Diepholz, Weinviertel

 Lower Austria

(St. Anna´s Chapel)

Lower Austria

Wine cellar alley, Hadres, 
Lower Austria

Colorful wine cellar alley, Klein-Hadersdorf / Poysdorf, 
Lower Austria

Field chapel and 
entranceway to the castle 
Rabensburg Castle, Lower Austria 

Rabensburg Castle

Ink drawing “Alter Glockenturm” 
(Old Steeple), 
Hohenau / March, Lower Austria


 Junípero Serra Mission, San Diego, California

Playa Colorada
Edo. Sucre



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12. April 2008