Heinfried Gessinger
Master Joiner


The Master Joiner

Wood is the most wonderful material which man is bestowed upon by nature. It is synonymous with warmth, harmony, aesthetics and life.

Being a master joiner, I´ve really learned how to handle wood. My special love is that for cabinetmaking. Following my own design, it is my great passion to turn, as if by magic, the finest fancy wood veneers into a whole library, or to make tables and chairs from precious solid wood.



Making libraries in styles of past epochs is something extraordinary

Classical library, european walnut with PC-workstation and integrated spotlights

Mahogany showcase with inlaid work, from my former workshop in San Félix, Venezuela

Caoba wood sideboard 


Colonial-style mahogany table

Walnut dining hall 

I prefer to make tables and chairs myself, for that´s the only way they suit my master plan

Dining room in Venezuela

Sala de estar,
madera de caoba

Country house kitchen, lacquered white

Country house kitchen, lacquered bluish grey

Alder wood kitchen unit

English-style kitchen


In Venezuela, our wooden ladders made of Caribbean Pine, were sold by supermarkets

My wife Ingrid and my foreman Nelson doing the brand marking

In Puerto Ordaz we also made children´s furniture




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